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We are Vought Watches, started in 2020 with the main goal of creating quality time pieces at an affordable price. We believe that a beautiful watch communicates a lot about the owners personality, and getting one of these pieces shouldn't have to break the bank. Our goal is simple, give the customer an impeccable time piece, paired with a one of a kind unboxing experience at a portion of the cost.


Vought Watches was established by Shawayne Folkes in 2020. Shawayne's love for horology grew as he made his way through college. He began studying the intricate designs of some of the most popular watches, and became fascinated with the different movements that were like small engines powering each watch. This small passion grew into what we now know as Vought Watches and will continue to blossom for years to come. 


A beautiful watch communicates a lot about the owners personality. In addition to helping you stay on schedule, a watch makes it easy to display your sense of style. Our watches are a form of self expression, reflecting a hint of danger, adventure and class. At Vought we create timepieces that are understated, and timeless accessories.


Not only does a watch keep the time, but it is also a piece of art that is worn on your wrist. There are a lot of generic and non inspiring watch styles out there, but here at Vought we strive to be different and give our customers something to be proud of. Creating detailed art at the higher end of human ingenuity and creativity.


The finishing touches on any outfit are those individual items that help people come to conclusions about who you are. People notice accessories, so give them something to remember that is worth all the attention.